Is The Catholic Church A Christian Church?

By Roger Nilsen
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Is the Catholic Church a Christian Church? The Catholic Church revealed as false in this book. The book is written in roman form, but points out revealing relationships in the church. The book’s main character is David Gleason. He is a journalist with The New York Times. In cooperation with the Israeli intelligence organization, Mossad, he is commissioned to infiltrate a meeting of the tops of the Catholic Church, consisting of bishops and cardinals with the Pope himself as chairman. The meeting’s agenda is to facilitate a strategy aimed at taking full control over the United States’ religion and politics by making one of its own President.

About the Author

Roger Nilsen is a citizen of Norway, where he has raised three children and runs his own business. As a Christian, Mr. Nilsen is very interested in the Bible. He stands in opposition to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and similarly argues against other unbiblical teachings with his extensive research.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 518