Is Daddy Really Dead?

By Elizabeth Hutton
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Is Daddy Really Dead? She’s lost him, her love, her husband, Robert. He left with friends on a weekend trip to solve a childhood mystery; then there was a car accident, and Robert is gone. They say he’s dead, but she doesn’t really believe that, doesn’t feel it. Is Daddy Really Dead? follows the haunting story of a family seeking answers as they face off against rich and powerful adversaries intent on maintaining the mystery and covering their tracks. There are no real clues as to what happened to him, simply a wrecked car, no body that his wife or family can see, no police or hospital records, even his parents don’t seem as devastated as one would expect. All research comes to a dead end. But never give up. Listen to your heart, and perhaps life will turn around suddenly. This is when we discover that we have the strength to go on. It is when we feel that life has taken our dreams, and all control out of our life, that something deep inside of us compels us to keep moving forward. This is God’s gift to many who have experienced sudden and drastic changes in their life that they never planned on.

About the Author

E.L. Hutton has spent most of her life writing stories, poems, and creating unique cards for different occasions. She loves gardening and beautiful environments. Nature is in her heart. Hutton enjoys music, art, and travel. Her family is all grown up. She has wonderful, beautiful grandchildren and a daughter and son, all living in different areas of the United States.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 148