Invisible Covid... It's Everywhere!

By Kathy May Herman
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About the Book

Trying to understand the “Why” of COVID is hard for any child. What are our nation’s children seeing and hearing every day during this pandemic while sitting in front of a computer screen? Invisible COVID... It’s Everywhere is about a second grader, age seven, who must follow the rules, stay at home, and see and listen to her teachers and friends in small boxes on a computer monitor. This character expresses her thoughts, fears, and observations of the pandemic. Throughout the story she complains about a sickness that she cannot see, hear, smell, or touch as well as what she must do to avoid catching COVID, while attending school virtually and not seeing her extended family and friends. This child attends school at home every day, but is frightened to attend face-to-face instruction. The end result is hearing there is hope to make this COVID go away while children must continue to follow the rules and listen to adults in order to stay safe.

About the Author

Kathy May Herman has always believed that listening and laughing with children has always enlightened her days throughout her teaching career and life! Kids say things and do the most refreshing antics that make us laugh! Kathy grew up in Richmond, Virginia, and lives in Virginia Beach with her college sweetheart, Pat. Married for 44 years, together they raised three amazing children, and they are now enjoying their kids as adults along with their incredible spouses, four grandkids and counting, and three granddogs! Reading to her kids, students, and now grandkids has always been Kathy’s motivation to write children’s books. Kathy received her Bachelor of Science degree from Radford University in Early Childhood Education and received her Master of Science degree as a Reading Specialist from The College of William & Mary. Growing up with four siblings, her parents were avid readers. Kathy continues to instill the love of reading with her own children and grandchildren. As an educator for 38 years, she began her career as a classroom teacher then enjoyed most of her professional life as a Reading Specialist, coaching teachers and helping students with their reading and writing skills. After retirement, Kathy worked in a preschool just to enjoy the innocent natures of children before the “real” school begins. She continued to tutor many students until this pandemic occurred and everyone had to stay home. Presently, observing her grandchildren experience the ramifications of the pandemic along with their parents while this pandemic has been a challenging time for all of us! She has watched and listened to her grandkids and students expressing their feelings and experiences during this scary time. This is how the story of Invisible COVID... It’s Everywhere was born!

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 34