Investment Properties: Building Wealth Through Investment In Multi-Family Properties

By Evelyn Harden
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About the Book

Building Wealth through Investment Properties is about a novice investor who chose real estate for her investment assets, believing real estate to be a useful commodity. Although not a “get rich quick” plan, it was a solid investment.

Here is Evelyn Harden’s story, a step-by-step guide, written for other first-timers who wish to increase leverage while covering or supplementing our largest expense: our mortgage.

About the Author

Thinking she would enjoy such an experience, Evelyn Harden reasoned it would make her house payment, clearly the largest payment she had. Although it would be another seven years before she bought her first multifamily home, that was when she set out to become a landlord. This was a whole new lifestyle, and the education was gained by reading books and attending seminars. The only reason it took seven years was because she chickened out the first time.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 140