Introduction To An American Humorist: I Believe

By Susan Barbara Shapiro: SBS
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About the Book

Laughter is the best medicine is a favorite clich for many of us. Some take this literally while others realize that, yes, life has a lot of ills that we need laughter to take our minds away from misery.

About the Author

Susan Barbara Shapiro has been through a personal journey thats littered with joy, sorrow, and disappointment where she found that sense of humor keeps her going and living. As a humorist, she would like to share those experiences in a way that could both entertain and teach. When youre feeling envious, just look at the brighter side: If your neighbor has more than you, you have the better view. And when you think that the world is closing down on you, think about this: Maybe people of great religious belief and faith will hear these words and laugh a moment out of seriousness to realize that Gods problems are possibly worse than yours.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 96