Introducing Democratic Socialism To America

By Eteri ahas
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Introducing Democratic Socialism to America discusses Black Lives Matter, black capitalism and economic systems, resources and other wages, pandemic issues, and issues in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, and America around the world. The book also discusses war and racism inside Americans today.

About the Author

Eteri ahas a perspective about society and characters and all. She is trying to live with love and by books, trying to give abilities and provide ability and development to people - mental, physiological, emotional, cognitive, and social. She also tries to give to outcomes and many other supports. Mental health problems can have a negative influence on homelessness, poverty, employment, safety, and the local economy. They may impact the productivity of local businesses and healthcare costs, impede the ability of children and youth to succeed in school, and lead to family and community disruption.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 70