Insights Of A Poet's Soul...

By Jessica Michelle
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Insights of a Poet’s Soul…

Insights of a Poets Soul... is a collection of poems, thoughts, and views on life. Its an affair of Jessica Michelles heart and mind. No one is the same, but we've all been through or heard of someone going through hardships. Everyone is entitled to how they deal with misfortune...she chooses to deal with them in written form.

You may not have been through exactly what she has, but by reading her work you will understand that you are not alone. Jessicas life is an open book, and her life is wrapped up in these pages.

About the Author

Jessica Michelle grew up with an enormous family. Her father has eight children, and her mother has six. She is very close to her father's side rather than her mothers. Her father was married five times and her mother three. So growing up, love for another person varied.

 Jessica herself has only been married once. She has four children, two of whom were premature (weighing only two pounds each). She dedicates her life and her work to them.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 96