Insight To One's Soul

By Keith B. Davis
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In an expressive compilation of poetry which touches on a variety of moods and themes, Mr. Davis most assuredly gives us Insight to Ones Soul, namely his soul as he expounds on a variety of issues which mean a great deal to him. From striving to fulfill personal dreams in The Next Corner and Penthouse to the break up of his family in How Can I Not Be Mad at Her and Rainy Days to societal changes and considerations in Street Fame and Fog City to a deep sense of faith in The Light of Destiny and God Said, the author offers a glimpse into his life, expressing his thoughts and emotions with evocative and sensitive language. It is this very canvas of everyday experiences which bind us together as human beings, and Mr. Daviss courage in sharing his Insight to Ones Soul will strike a chord deep in your soul as you ponder your place in life.

About the Author

A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Keith B. Davis is father to three children: Kristopher, Keith III, and Keirra. In his spare time away from his job he enjoys playing basketball.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 22