Inside Mommy's Tummy

By Beth Rosiello
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Baby is growing in Mommy’s tummy! She hears the voices of her mommy and daddy and big brother, Sean—plus the barking of little puppy Diesel. She listens as the family holds a party to say “It’s a Girl!” And then she’s off to the hospital with Mommy and Daddy to finally be born and welcomed into the world by her family.

Inspired by the birth of her granddaughter Brianna, Beth Rosiello’s book is a charming story of love and family, from the point of view of the baby on the way.

About the Author

Beth Rosiello has always enjoyed reading, writing, and making art. In addition to writing stories, she draws, sews quilts, and knits baby blankets. She loves her family and is inspired by them in everything she does. She lives in New York State.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 34