Innocent Black Man Illegally Convicted For Rape Charges Without An Arrest Or Arraignment

By Senrick Wilkerson
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About the Book

Innocent Black Man Illegally Convicted for Rape Charges without an Arrest or Arraignment is about the corruption between a racist white prosecutor and an Uncle Tom sellout black trial attorney.

Senrick Wilkerson was illegally convicted for rape charges without an arrest, without any court appearances, and without being arraigned before a magistrate judge. There was no physical or DNA evidence, and the lying and coerced alleged victim was in jail for three felony charges when the Dallas Police Department fraudulently filed both sex charges against him. The message of this book is relevant because Senrick is living proof where society sees that BLACK LIVES DO NOT MATTER to the courts and this corrupted justice system.

Senrick hopes readers get the facts out of reading his book and understand that the justice system is maliciously crooked and corrupted. American people care more about saving animals than saving human lives.

About the Author

Senrick Wilkerson’s hobbies are sports and working out. He listens to all kinds of music but mostly smooth jazz, and he loves fishing and watching movies. He helps the homeless people as much as possible and wishes he could do a lot more than he already does.

Senrick absolutely adores his son, Airic J. Wilkerson, and he’s proud to have him as his son. His mother, Charcy Bonner, is his rock, and his sister, Ruenia Wilkerson, has always been his best friend.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32