Innocence & Betrayal

By Elaina Banks
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After surviving a tumultuous childhood, shaped by abuse at the hands of her alcoholic father and then later by a poor marriage, subsequent divorce, and other personal conflicts, Emily was finally ready to focus her life on her personal dreams and goals.

But moving on isn’t always as easy as it seems, and Emily finds herself falling into the same patterns, which include becoming involved with unsavory people whose corrupt motives have a devastating effect on her health, well-being, and happiness.

As Emily’s adult life progresses, she learns the value of embracing love and understanding, instead of hatred and vengeance. Throughout her evolution, Emily discovers that conquering her problems with forgiveness allows her to overcome her most difficult obstacles and lead a life of peace and harmony.

Innocence & Betrayal exposes the agonizing effects of leading your life focused on corruption and hatred and the peace and harmony that result from a life led by love and righteousness.

About the Author

Elaina Banks resides in Ontario, where she enjoys living a joyful life with her husband and spending her free time helping others through her church. Some of her volunteer efforts include creating Christmas baskets for the elderly and offering support throughout the year to children and families in need.

Elaina cherishes her children and grandchildren.

Now retired from her business of twenty-five years, Elaina has turned her attention to writing. She also enjoys reading, downhill skiing, and the peace and harmony she experiences when hiking in the woods.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 462