Ink It: Your Emotion Art Journal

By Dr. Comfort Walker
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Ink It is an art journal for releasing positive and negative emotional energy, allowing the individual time to identify their feelings in a way that words can't. Because words can block the expression of our true emotions and feelings, Ink It offers a strategy for getting in touch with our emotions and feelings through drawing.

Dr. Comfort Walker started this practice to cope with her feelings after her father's death thirty-plus years ago, and it has worked for her through the years. In this book, Dr. Walker shares her strategy, hoping that it can also help someone else.

About the Author

Dr. Comfort Walker is an award-winning teacher. A National Board-certified teacher of students with disabilities. A national board-certified elementary school teacher in grades k-6. An international special education consultant. An instructional facilitator, workshop facilitator, and entrepreneur.

Dr. Walker has worked in special education for over 18+ years as a classroom teacher. She is also a facilitator supporting and encouraging educators to develop a more profound understanding of how to support students' emotional wellbeing. And at the same time, helping teachers rewire many of their mindsets, habits, and practices as educators.

Dr. Walker is the founder of the disabilities awareness teacher support service (DATSS), which can be found at; in this space and beyond, Dr. Walker continues to advocate for best practices for teachers working with students with disabilities. Dr. Walker works with a small select group of teachers looking to improve their skills in being effective and efficient when working with students with disabilities.

Dr. Walker has her Bachelor's in Special Education and Master's in Special Education with a specialization in Low Incidence Disabilities from Kean University, USA. And a Doctorate in International Education at NorthCentral University, USA.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 210