Injured Workers Manual: Don't Get Eaten By The Insurance Company Sharks

By Paul Vlachos
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Injured Workers Manual: Dont Get Eaten by the Insurance Company Sharks is presented as a useful tool for anyone who has incurred a disability on the job. After having a roof truss dropped on him while building a theater in New York, Paul Vlachos fought against a corrupt insurance company for benefits and medical treatment. Writing from experience, he points out that insurance companies will try to deny you the care you may need and gives helpful tips on how to combat them.

From choosing a lawyer to saving all notes from your doctor, everything is important for winning a case. Vlachos reaches out to injured workers everywhere, offering empathy and advice, and hopes by doing so to bring changes to the WCB.

About the Author

Born in New York, Paul Vlachos has lived there on and off throughout his life. He attended the University of Arizona and served in the United States Navy. He worked for a contracting company and as a carpenter until he became disabled in 2002, beginning a struggle that inspired him to write this book.

Paul has one daughter, Gigi Marie, and son Paul Jr. He is a member of a soccer club and various church groups. Paul considers himself an artist and a writer, and he is dedicating himself to creating new legislation to fix the broken WCB in America.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 32