Inherited Rites

By MM Smith
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About the Book

Life seems to be going well for Jeremy: Hes engaged to his beautiful fiance, Louise; has a job he enjoys at an auto repair shop; and has a good relationship with his mother. Everything changes, however, when his estranged father, William, returns. Jeremy never knew much about his father, who abandoned Jeremy and his mother when Jeremy was young, but he soon finds out William was serving a jail sentence for double homicide. William warns Jeremy about Peter, a mysterious man who has recently appeared, as well as saying that history will repeat itself with Jeremy. Not knowing what to think of his father but being intrigued and threatened by Peters power, Jeremy soon finds himself doing the unthinkable, just as his father feared.

When everything he believes is questioned and everyone he loves threatened, Jeremy must decide his pathor have the decision made for him. This page-turning novel of suspense and retribution should leave the reader with much to ponder.

About the Author

MM Smith had a vision of the first two paragraphs of this story four years ago, and the vision kept her awake, so she started writing. An Australian native, she currently resides in Eaton, Western Australia, with her husband. She enjoys writing and blogging on MySpace and the Aerobroken Network Community.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 146