By Kelley M. Moore
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When Kelley M. Moore’s youngest daughter was seventeen and a senior in high school, her entire world changed with the discovery of her daughter’s alcohol and drug addiction. In her inspiring memoir, Moore shares the road to recovery through the eyes of a mother, the intense emotional and physical turmoil it takes on not only the person afflicted with the disease, but to the family unit as a whole. She learns through her daughter’s journey to sobriety of the generational effects, the inheritance of the disease from one generation to the next, and the steps families can take to provide a positive and honest atmosphere for a family member’s healing. 

Moores own journey is a testament to the enormous role family can play in recovery. While her daughter fought, and still fights, to maintain sobriety, mother, father, sister, and daughter find themselves absorbed into new roles, and discover new lifelong passions for aiding others on their road to recovery.

About the Author

Kelley M. Moore is an advocate for those individuals struggling with addiction and their families. She has dedicated her life to assisting others in finding their sobriety and has worked professionally in the addiction field for almost twenty years. She has helped to change laws, led support groups for families, and was available 24/7 for anyone who needed help in taking the right direction. She never felt she worked a day in her life.

Today, Moore is one half of an acoustical harmonizing duo and shares the stage with her husband. She and her family shout love all day long, and she is grateful for everything she has inherited.

Published: 2024
Page Count: 148

Customer Reviews

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James Ieronimo
An unwelcome gift

Sometimes we inherit something we never expected or would have desired. Kelley Moore’s Inheritance demonstrates the power of resiliency and parental love. Anyone who has been in an “I should have seen that coming” situation will learn that they are not alone.

Mary Ellen McCullough

Usually I am a very slow reader. I could not put Kelley's book down.
I admire her for sharing very personal life struggles.
So many of us can relate to The Disease of Addiction.
This is a must read.

Maura Jean Sipples

The BOOK is AWESOME.. an easy read... A must get.. Kelly Has been a family Friend for many years.. For this book to get written and the way is was written...KUDOS Kelly for pouring your heart and soul out...I just Love you...People buy this book you will not be disappointed at all... I am not a reader but could not put this book down..

Sarah L.

This book will make you feel seen. Understood. The Let Go Poem on page 111-112 is something I read daily to remind myself of not only what I need to remember, but that there are others that have walked my path.

D. Haggett
Sharing is healing.

I was riveted reading the book. It is certainly a page-turner. I am so grateful that she shared her experience with addiction in her family. There is so much shame behind the secrets and whispers of addiction. Her candor and real life experience offers the reader hope and helps remove the 'shame' stigma of addiction. Yes, there can be a light at the end of that long addiction tunnel. She reveals how addiction can be an inheritance that can slowly creep in a family, ANY family, with no warning. I believe that there are so many stories out there that need to be told. It is my hope that Kelly, will continue to reveal this ugly demon that has infiltrated many unsuspecting lives. Facing challenges 'head-on' can bring so much healing, light, and love. Where is the shame in that?