Index To Trumansburg Newspapers 1827-1940

By Bernece B. Weitzel
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This well researched compendium of source information references nineteen area publications over the span of more than a century of the history of this New York village. Each newspaper has been assigned a number, one through nineteen, with the key included prior to the title. This index even guides you to locations where the newspapers are available on microfilm and points out that some bound editions are available at the Ulysses Historical Society in Trumansburg. Each entry indicates the individual referenced, the event covered, and the date and source of the article. This indispensable guide to local history will be of great value to the historian and those who are interested in genealogical research.

About the Author

A 1941 graduate of Brigham Young University in drama, Bernece B. Weitzel earned a bachelor of arts in library science in 1947 at the University of Michigan. She is a current member of the Tompkins County Senior Citizens Council and the New York Retired Teachers Association, Inc. She has also been a member of the Trumansburg Area Council of Churches and the Trumansburg Food Pantry sponsored by them (1998-2004). She is a retired school librarian who enjoys genealogy, reading, and sewing. Ms. Weitzel and her husband, William, have raised four children.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 376