By Mary James Dans
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Indelible is a heartfelt collection of poetry drawing from Mary James Dansby’s lived experiences. In this collection, Dansby explores love, loss, and parenthood while holding her love for God dear to her heart.

About the Author

Growing up in the small town of Abilene, West Texas helped to shape Mary James Dansby’s views regarding life, love, and death. Her mother was a devout Christian, and her father was an abusive alcoholic, both of whom shaped Dansby into who she is today.

The eighth child of eleven, Dansby was a shy, withdrawn longer, always writing or painting, and was often teased by her siblings because of her preference for solitude. The Mistaken Zygote of the family is truly Dansby’s Testament. Thus, having realized this at an early age, Dansby embraced the difference and became closer to God.

Majoring in psychology, Dansby wanted to understand herself and others; however, such complexities are never understood or realized completely.

Dansby found the love of God completely as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Intern for seven years at Serenity House–God’s presence was often felt when dealing with a poor addict’s pain; furthermore, as a Special Education Teacher, Dansby knows emphatically that some of us are angels on this earth.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 38