In Thy Mother's Honor

By I. M. Waiting
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No one can fully understand the terror, the unbelievable pain that is experienced in war unless they have been right there, in the middle of the action. Vietnam vet I. M. Waiting recalls his own personal memories, nightmares, and anguish, continuing today, after years of service, in In Thy Mother’s Honor.

About the Author

I. M. Waiting grew up in Chicago. He was in three active tours in Vietnam as a Marine.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 116

Customer Reviews

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mike rodgers
excellent content

buy and read and tell your friends the same


I have never read a book like this before. Every single page found a way to keep my interest and to further develop the story. When he talks about the past his descrption makes it fell like I am there with him in his fights throughout his life. I would recommend everyone to read this book because it is by far the best book I have ever read.

Stan and Connie kowalewski
Extraordinary story

This book keeps your attention and so true about what has happened to our veterans,

Dennis LaMonte
Amazing story

An amazing read. Its the story of a real American hero. From time in Vietnam, to following the American Dream at home. This story shows the real side of what our veterans experienced in Nam and the real side of their difficulties when they returned home. It will easily open your eyes to the sacrafices made and the respect due to every veteran of our armed services.