In The Clouds

By M. L. Bruce
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About the Book

Clouds are the perfect way to fuel a child’s imagination. In this fanciful book for children, a little boy discovers whimsical objects by gazing into the clouds. Author M. L. Bruce hopes that the children reading this book will be inspired to use their own imaginations by searching the sky to see what they may find. This seemingly simple exercise is not only fun, but also trains young minds to use critical thinking skills throughout their lives.

About the Author

Born in Kentucky, M. L. Bruce now lives in Texas, and has also travelled extensively abroad. Her love of children is shared not only with her children and grandchildren, but also through her current work as a substitute teacher. She loves to enjoy nature. Swimming, water sports, biking, gardening, and, of course, taking pictures of clouds are a few of her favorite hobbies.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 30