In The Beginning, God...

By Dr. P.T. Dyer-Goode
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This author gives a very different approach to the study of astrology, Dr. P.T. Dyer-Goode goes beyond the conventional and depicts astrology as the interpretation of the Word of God. She shows that the very stars in the heavens constitute a prophetic record written large across the night sky for man to read and to interpret. The whole Zodiac can be related to the Bible and foretells the imminence of the Second Coming. This compelling analysis reaches from the days of Adam and the Creation to the crises in present-day Israel. Each Zodiacal symbol is analyzed, related to the Bible, and shown to have its own individual relationship to human history. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. P.T. Dyer-Goode M.D. has a 25-year career in medicine and continues in private practice in Philadelphia. Even though she continues to practice she received a call to the ministry. Her studies combined with her astronomical and astrological knowledge form the basis for this remarkable book. P.T. Dyer-Goode, M.D., liveson the Philadelphia Mainline and is presently studying Hebrew in order to further her studies.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 284