In The Beginning: A Nostalgic, Narrative Story

By Valvier Latease Harris Bright
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In the Beginning

In the Beginning follows the memoirs of an African American "BabyBoomer" as she shares colorful memories while tying it to a larger context of her ancestral research into her European Harris and Stokely lineages. Historical connections are made through narrative story telling that brings into vivid light a period in the South that describes family, culture, color, race, religion, economics, opportunities, disadvantages and more. Valvier Latease Harris Bright details her life from childhood to adulthood, from Knoxville, Tennessee to Montgomery, Alabama. Many from both the North and the South, black or white, who were born in the forties through the sixties, will recognize similar experiences and cultural touchstones including segregation and the civil rights movement. Bright chronicles her personal journey from childhood relationships through marriage, childbirth and the death of both parents that transcends all ages. It is an inspiring, provocative and endearing journey.

"She has crafted well, a compelling and sensitive story descriptive of life for many, no matter what city or state! Her account of the meaningful journey travelled while in Montgomery was so nostalgic for those of us who encountered and can recall places,events and moments in time so vividly painted through her words." –Sheyann Webb Christburg Civil Rights Activist and Co-author, Selma, Lord, Selma

"The telling of family history is sacred, in that it honors those who have come before and keeps them alive for those who will follow. Valvier Bright's reverent exploration of her own life story and family roots, range across multiple states, countries, and continents and lovingly paints a portrait that will enrich any reader." – Horace Randall Williams Editor and Author, Montgomery, Alabama

About the Author

About the Author Valvier Latease Harris Bright earned her M.Ed. (Early Childhood) and B.S. Degree (Business Administration) from Alabama State University. She owns and operates The Bright Way, LLC, an event planning and management service. Her deepest passion, however, comes through a variety of work and involvement as a civic and community activist. She currently serves on several community based boards to include the Montgomery County Democratic Conference Executive Board, Saint Paul AM.E. Church Steward Board and Rosa Parks Museum Board. She also holds two state wide offices, Secretary of the Alabama Democratic Party as well as Secretary of the Alabama Democratic Conference (Black Political Caucus of Alabama). In the Beginning chronicles many of the varied experiences of her life.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32