In Search Of The Origins Of Nazi Monstrosity: From Persecution To Annihilation

By Jean Haussmann
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In Search of the Origins of Nazi Monstrosity

In Search of the Origins of Nazi Monstrosity does not intend to rewrite the history of the Shoah or, for that matter, any other persecutions that occurred during the Nazi regime. It tries, foremost, to quantify the facts pertaining to the transformation of xenophobic attitudes into systematic annihilation. These facts reveal the relevant role of the Austro-Bavarian culture in the construction and execution of the massacres. A tentative explanation follows trying to illuminate the constellation under which this specific geo-political active participation could have arisen.

Three levels are analyzed: one pertaining to the material executors, one to the collaboration by the overall pan-German civil servants, and finally and foremost, to the originators of the systematic annihilation process. In what could seem an accusatory trial of Austria and Bavaria, our profound admiration for what these people have achieved in other historical circumstances remains unchallenged.

About the Author

Jean Haussmann is a Swiss citizen and a graduate in social sciences at the University of Geneva. He spent long periods of his life working in Bavaria and Austria. It is this experience which led him to accumulate facts pertaining to the unique problem of Nazi annihilation policy. Determining factors of this endeavor by a non-academic have been his friendship with two Polish-Jewish brothers and the amount of extensive but unconvincing work on the subject.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 76