In Country: My Memories Of Vietnam And After

By Forrest R. Lindsey
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“An extraordinary, detailed and vividly presented first-hand account of the Vietnam War as experienced by one front line marine… especially and unreservedly recommended addition to the growing library of Vietnam War Histories & Memoirs…” - Reviewer's Choice, The Midwest Book Review

This book is about my time as a young enlisted Marine in Vietnam, starting with my experiences as a truck driver, an artilleryman, and then out in combat with a Rifle Company – and then what it felt like to be wounded and to flow through the hospital system. This book is about what combat was like in the villages and coastal plains of Vietnam early in the war, and our language, culture, characters and the different versions of leadership. This is a time capsule of the events and hazards, the enemy and the weapons and equipment – and the effects that the opposition at home had on us. I include many previously unpublished photographs to illustrate how our part of the war looked and felt. I hope future generations of Americans will read this book and get a better feel for who we were and what we went through for each other and for our country.

About the Author

Forrest R. Lindsey grew up in California in a large family and entered the Marine Corps a year after high school in 1965. He served as an enlisted Marine in Vietnam and then after recovering from his wounds, returned to the Marine Corps as an Artillery Officer in 1973.

Lindsey served as a Marine Officer for a total of 23 years, serving in almost every artillery position in the Marines, finally commanding the 5th Battalion, 11th Marines in 1993-4 at Camp Pendleton, California. In between his artillery assignments, he had other unique jobs which took him all over the world. Lt. Col. Lindsey retired from active duty in 1996 and was chosen to work in the new Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory in Quantico, Virginia as a Senior Engineer and Program Manager. His most notable and successful weapon system was the XM-326 120mm Automated Mortar System, the Dragon Fire.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 198