In-Between: Speed Beyond The Speed Of Light.

By Tom Ryscavage
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Jimmy sees a vessel he cannot explain hovering in a field. He returns to campus and, after some prodding, shares his experience with his friend Mark. Ten years later, Mark reenters Jim’s life and turns it inside out with a discovery that radically alters the concepts of human existence.

A thought-provoking and thrilling adventure, In-Between follows Jimmy as he and a network of like-minded people spread the word while trying to evade government detection and interference. The knowledge they share is mind-blowing and world-changing, so those in power want to control it so they can remain in power and at the head of the pack. The author hopes this book answers many readers’ questions and sparks many new ones for them to ask.

About the Author

Tom Ryscavage is a retired orthopedic surgeon.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 144