In And Out Of Uniform

By Lisa Kirk
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About the Book

In and Out of Uniform is the captivating memoir of retired U.S. Army service member Lisa R. Kirk that chronicles stories of her life both in and out of the military. Readers get an intimate glimpse into the many ups and downs she experienced as a woman in the male-dominated world of the military. Kirk’s patriotism and perseverance shine through as she shares painful experiences, from her first year in the army in 1996, to her time as a drill sergeant, to the difficult process of transitioning back to civilian life.

Kirk wrote this book as a form of therapy for the internalized negative feelings that were affecting her health. She hopes this work inspires and motivates others who have experienced abuse and discrimination. She wants them to know they are not alone and encourage them to open up about their experiences so that they can experience healing and find hope for the future.

About the Author

As a retired service member, Kirk now lives in Plato, Missouri with her husband and his mother, two Boxers, and an English Bulldog. She enjoys life as a house wife and working at a local brewing company. Kirk is a member of Athena’s Sisters, an organization in Louisville, Kentucky that provides sisterhood among active duty and retired women through meetings, shared experiences, and well-being

programs. She enjoys working out, painting, playing the guitar and the handpan drum, watching football, and rooting for Philadelphia sports teams.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 86

Customer Reviews

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Great Read!!

This book really highlights the effects of a male-dominated Army culture and how the woman is treated. There are positive aspects but also reflects the way a naturally-born leader perseveres through many trials and tribulations while serving our country. This book is a MUST read and I am sure that many can relate to situations such as the author.