In A Child's Kitchen

By Megan Martinez and Grandma
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In a Childs Kitchen

The fine art of cooking is alive and well again, and this one from the hands of a young master in the kitchen, to others of her kindor beyond. For convenience, the recipes are organized and presented according to dining time: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and interspersed with appetizers, snacks, soups and salads, side dishes, and enchanting desserts.

Now, dont be looking for that fresh shrimp cooked in steaming hot lava stone here; on the other hand, if sweet potato casserole, baked mashed potatoes, banana split, and cowboy apple pie are more your thing, this is a golden find indeed.

About the Author

Megans Grandma Nancy Burge Thiesfeld was born in Illinois but spent most of her life in California. Megan Martinez is her granddaughter with whom she shares her love of good food and cuisine. Inspired by two movies which they saw together; one an animated movie about cooking and the other about the queen of cooking, Megan and Grandma created this book together with Megan preparing the dishes and Grandma writing the recipes.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 130