Immigrants: Volume I – Dragon Tooth Gold Series

By Kent J. McGrew
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Immigrants: Volume I – Dragon Tooth Gold Series begins the story of Aaden Callahan and Anna Mercier; two landed immigrants. They meet while teaching at Columbia University in New York City. The year is 1841. The young Dr. Callahan woos and wins the heart of the smart and beautiful Anna, but their courtship isn't easy.

Kent J. McGrew brings years of industrial experience as a metallurgical engineer to every aspect of his stories. A sailing trip doesn't just take you somewhere, it teaches navigation and the skills to weather hurricanes, fight pirates and outwit the oppressive laws of the day concerning African Americans. Through the eyes of his characters, his readers get to experience America in the mid 1800's where land and resources were in abundance to all who worked with determination. The industrial revolution is robust and the Callahan family shape an empire with whiskey and lumber and a loyal labor force in the form of emancipated slaves.

Dragon Tooth gold is uniquely laden with the engineering and technology of the times. Our ancestors worked hard and despite the current feeling that their thinking was old fashion, everything that they did successfully was well thought out, sometimes beyond genius. I want my readers to see our roots in the reality of getting the work done. In our age of information, invention and innovation are all too often taken for granted. Our physical world still needs to be put together piece by piece. Knowing how we got where we are today will help us prevent the mistakes, prejudices, and misconceptions of the past.

About the Author

Kent J. McGrew is a seasoned metallurgical engineer. His mining career started at age fourteen and has been a continuous adventure for sixty years. He has held every position a mining company has to offer from underground laborer to COO and has traveled the world for project work. Kent lives in Arizona with his wife Sally, has three children and five grandchildren. He helped build the Congress Elementary School and served tutoring, mentoring, and as the President of the School Board. After a half century of technical writing, Kent chose historical fiction to have some fun and has a unique way of teaching through the experiences of his characters.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 286