Imagine X

By Kuner X
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Join a group of tight-knit friends as they journey through lifes trials and tribulations. Written as a fictional satire, Imagine X explores the struggles of everyday life, from the mundane to the epic, through the eyes of a multicultural group of friends whose lives entwine and parallel one another in more ways than they realize. This is a tale of love, hate, courage, betrayal, heartache, joy, life, and death. Most importantly, it is a story about the power of friendship and its unbreakable bond.

Imagine X is both heartbreaking and heartwarming. Fall in love all over again with this story about the tests the human spirit must face, the elation of triumph, and the liberation of letting go. A timeless masterpiece, it will leave a permanent imprint within your soul and within generations to come.

About the Author

A native of Syracuse, New York, Kner X currently resides in Auburn, New York, where he is a self-proclaimed writer and tattoo apprentice. He enjoys hiking, writing, photography, graphic design, biking, traveling, movies, tattoos, piercings, weightlifting, and Yoga. He holds a bachelors degree in communications with a minor in psychology from Fredonia State University.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 116