Imagine!: A Safe Place To Dream And Let Your Imagination Run Wild

By Donna Forster
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About the Book

An adventure through the wonderful world of a child’s imagination, Imagine! A Safe Place to Dream and Let Your Imagination Run Wild! encourages children to dream their thoughts and see them in a way that brings laughter to their hearts.

May they always believe in themselves and seek joy, laughter, and love in words; and speak out and tell of goodness, excitement, and fear as they become aware of all life can offer.

About the Author

Donna Forster worked as a banker for 25 years, taught English second language for five years, and went on a mission to Africa. She currently works part time in a coffee shop in a world renowned tourist attraction, The Butchart Gardens, in Victoria. She has a BED in English and several Banking degrees.

Her ministry on the streets in Victoria from 1998 to 2019 was both heart wrenching and amazing. Her mission was to get women in the sex trade into other occupations, and over the years, she met some amazing women, many of whom have successful businesses today.

At age 85, Forster loves to write short stories and novels based on real life situations, and poetry. She loves words and all they depict. She is learning how to play the Dobro.

A mother of four, she lost her eldest daughter in a house fire 14 years ago. She has seven grandchildren and eight great grandchildren.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 24