Images And Reviews Of Japanese Gardens In California

By Evert Tigner
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In Evert Tigner’s Images and Reviews of Japanese Gardens in California, he lists and introduces many beautiful Japanese gardens in California. The Japanese gardens in the area of Kyoto, Japan, sparked his lifelong interest in this unique field of study.

Tigner discovered Japanese gardens in Japan when he was in the military. Living in California, he discovered many there as well. From his vast knowledge of these gardens, he is able to depict their location, history and their design including the distinctive elements that were used in their creation.

About the Author

Evert Tigner’s life began in Oklahoma where he enjoyed his school days. He attended South Eastern Oklahoma University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. After graduation, Tigner served in the military in Japan. When his military service ended, he went to southern California and taught English, while also earning his master’s degree from Pepperdine University. After Tigner’s education career, he established an art gallery in Palm Springs.

Tigner’s hobbies include reading, collecting, writing and traveling. He has also written and published two novels.

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Published: 2018
Page Count: 92