I'M Telling My Dad

By Bob Nasino
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About the Book

Bobby knows his life in the Highland Gardens section of Chester, Pennsylvania is no made-for-TV experience. He and his three siblings are dominated by an emotionally abusive father who rules the family with bullying intimidation and a withdrawn mother who finds silence therapeutic.

In I’m Telling My Dad, readers follow Bobby as he battles anxiety, fear, and failure in hopes of claiming a little bit of life for himself. With dark humor and self-deprecating wit, Bobby recognizes his faults and launches a brave attempt to become a better person against all odds.

They say, “Nobody will ever be anything in The Gardens.” What if they’re wrong?

About the Author

Bob Nasino is a family man first and foremost. He has two daughters, Abbey and Emily, and a son, Josh, and he cherishes and admires them all. Nasino lives in Wisconsin as a transplant from the East Coast.

Nasino’s hobbies include trips to the lake, thrift shopping for things he doesn’t need, and watching documentaries about anything and everything. He is a nostalgic person who sees the value in knowing where you come from and believes we should all learn from our own unique experiences and characters from our pasts. Nasino is inspired by the humor of workaday folks. He works for a living and is surrounded by characters who want better lives. Humor holds the place until a better life comes along.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 485