If You Are Guilty Of Something Consider: The Exculpatory

By George W. Gill
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Mr. O is boss of The Exculpatory, and he doesn’t really intend any harm. He finds and enlists guilty but deserving people who will become operatives to help build his growing empire. His connections are so extensive that he can get almost anybody exculpated.

He always needs his agents, because all of this is not easy to do when you’re just a brain floating in a tank of isotonic solution. Enter Agent Corbett, Mr. O’s top operative, with a weakness for raw oysters, Vegas casinos, and a well-made Manhattan.

When strange happenings begin to occur on a small fishing island off the Eastern Seaboard, Agent Corbett and his team find themselves chasing intrigue through the high-tech estate of a maniacal businessman, a Western town besieged by a one-eyed bandit, and a tropical island hiding treasure… and danger. With threats looming everywhere, it’s up to Corbett and team to stop the evil SMEARS organization and to solve the mysteries of the Zuyder Zee.

About the Author

George W. Gill is a retired research chemist with significant medical experience. His work résumé looks like Gulliver’s Travels: he has traveled extensively across Central and South America, working in laboratories and oil fields. When back home in Dickinson, Texas, he runs fourteen convenience stores.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 360