If This Child Were Mine (For Teachers, Administrators, And Others Who Love Children)

By Dr. C. Lavonne Teague
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About the Book

What can a teacher do to turn around the lives of young people who are wallowing deep in poverty, abuse, drugs, alcohol, indifference, and a life of crime?

In If This Child Were Mine, we see a rare educator whose dedication to change the lives of her students extends beyond the interactions only allowed by the classroom.

For this special educator, not even the curbing of the practice of in loco parentis, will stop her to get out of her way to reach out to the needs of her studentsher childrenemploying tested or untried ideas and practices to try to save these children from certain doom.

About the Author

A native of Mississippi, Dr. C. Lavonne Teague pursued her bachelors degree in English at Jackson State University, and Master of Education in Reading at Delta State University. She also attended Southern Illinois University Carbondale for her PhD in Higher Education. This book revolves around her most memorable experiences as an educator both in higher level of education and in public schools.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 56