If That's What It Takes

By Christopher Caruana
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About the Book

All twenty-year-old Eddie ever wanted was to reach the NHL as a star goalie, but when he meets Melanie a beautiful, alluring, angelic girl his priorities shift as he suddenly finds himself madly in love with her. Thoughts of her consume him, and when he finds out she is in a three-year relationship, he immediately gives up hope, destined to suffer from the unrequited love forever. As time goes on, Eddies attraction for Melanie only grows stronger. With a little encouragement from a friend, Eddie decides to confront Melanie and confess his undying devotion. As Eddies two loves collide ice hockey and Melanie he feels he must choose between them. If Thats What It Takes is an entertaining screenplay that articulately intertwines the intensity and raw emotion of a first love with the hopes and dreams of an aspiring athlete.

About the Author

Christopher Caruana is a native of Ontario, Canada, where he is living with his wife, Joanne Caruana. Christopher is a construction worker. He enjoys painting and drawing and is a dedicated Jon Bon Jovi fan.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 110