If Only Life Were So Simple…

By Dawn L.
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About the Book

If Only Life Were So Simple...

The pressure of everyday living has put people in a quandary. It put both the strength and weaknesses of individuals to the fore, and this made lifeeverybody would agreecomplicated.

Why me? people would ask whenever they were confronted by difficulties that would change their life temporarily or permanently. While some leave everything to fate, others had resolved to cope and hope for the better.

Life is hard for Dawn L. Not only does she have a stubborn and callow husband, who has emotionally abused her, she also birthed two children with special needsphysically and psychologically. It took a lot of love, understanding, and dedication to manage her situation, but she pulled it through, although at one point she wished, If only life were so simple

While she copes with the challenges before her, L turned to writing short stories for children, and later was inspired to write the story of her own lifea tale of inner strength and unconditional love.

About the Author

Dawn L. grew up in Hampton, Virginia where she still resides to this day. She works as a security officer and, during her free time, she enjoys swimming and taking long walks by the waterfront.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 34