I Wish I Could Tell You: Pearls Of Wisdom From Grannie

By Marcia H. Walker
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I Wish I Could Tell You: Pearls of Wisdom from Grannie was written for the author’s granddaughter Avery, who is now seven years old. Its intent is to share lessons learned from Marcia’s journey through life's ups and downs as she tried to understand herself, others, people’s behaviors, and the circumstances she encountered. As she encountered rejection, prejudice, and various circumstances, it was important for her to seek God's purpose for her, regardless of what life presented. Growing up during the struggles of the Civil Rights Movement, she had to learn on her own who she was and who she was not. Marcia shares the pearls of wisdom she learned along the way with the hope that it will help her granddaughter and others use her advice and not be taken off their divine course in life. 

Marcia grew up on the Southside of Chicago in a housing project called Ida B. Wells. She married and had two children. After her subsequent divorce, she and her two children moved to California. Before retiring, Marcia was a soft skills, diversity, and management facilitator, as well as a Human Resources professional. She currently resides in Santa Clara, California. 

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 60