I Was Wanted

By Autumn Lane
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As a young girl, Spring is molested at an early age by her brother, an uncle, and several cousins. However, as she ages she becomes more strong-willed and forcefully puts a stop to the incest shortly before she enters her teenage years. Her past continues to haunt her, and she beings to doubt her self-worth until she meets her brothers friend Chuck. Slowly the relationship develops into a deep and abiding love, however there is one obstacle Chuck is eighteen, and Spring is thirteen. Naturally Spring is forbidden by her parents from dating Chuck, and the relationship becomes clandestine. When they are found out, Chuck opts to enter the Navy to avoid jail until Spring is old enough to be married. During this time Chucks unwavering love helps Spring to truly believe in herself and become a strong and mature young adult. Utilizing realistic conversations and scenarios, Autumn Lanes I Was Wanted relates a heart-tugging story of a young girls search for true love and acceptance in a world fraught with obstacles.

About the Author

A native of Westport, Indiana, Autumn Lane currently makes her home there with her husband, and their seven children. A housewife, Ms. Lane spends her spare time writing and horseback riding.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 172