I Sight: The Power Of Perception

By James Eliol Mercer
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Harrowing and deeply personal, I Sight: The Power of Perception is a memoir detailing the journey of author James Mercer as he comes to the realization that he suffers from a rare genetic eye disorder, one that deteriorates with time and threatens to leave him fully blind by middle age.

Starting in early childhood, Mercer recognizes he is different from his peers; his parents never let him stay out past sundown, and often in low light or bright light conditions, the world becomes an indecipherable blur. With adolescence comes a better understanding of his sight deficiency, but it also creates a greater divide between Mercer and other “normal” teenagers, who can freely go to school dances and to local nightly hangouts, getting to experience a freedom Mercer may never know. This memoir tells a story of how disability can bring fear, shame, and isolation, but through the love of family and true friends, one can find acceptance and joy.

About the Author

James Eliol Mercer lives in Conception Bay South, Newfoundland, Canada with his wife Valerie. Together they have two children and four grandchildren. Mercer is registered as a legally blind person with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind.

Mercer has one other published work, Eliol: A True Story, which tells the true story of the brutal murder of his great-grandfather in 1883.

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James Mercer has written a classic! A riveting true story of one man's tenacity, persistence and life- long struggles with a functional disability. The author refused to deviate from his ultimate objective --- the improvement of his sight.
A strong attention getter as the author takes the reader through numerous personal disappointments and challenges throughout his lifetime but always persevered. The writer has clearly demonstrated that despite a 'functional disability', you never give up. An inspirational read for everyone!

I Sight the Power of Perception was a fabulous read, which left me with varying emotions- I cried, I also smiled with tremendous pride. Jim’s gifted ability allows his readers to feel they are right there with him. Jim was my first Research patient in the Genetics Study responsible for his and so many in his family to grow up with the gradual loss of sight. His vivid description will move you more than I can even express! The first time I met Jim I knew he was a distinguished, intelligent man. This book explains how important it is to be respectful and understanding of people not only with sight impediments, but every various disabilities so many have to endure. I am so proud of Jim for how explicitly his book opens the world’s eyes and heart regarding disability. You truly touched me. May we all be enlightened by Jim’s teachings!

Published: 2022
Page Count: 242