I Saw The Elephant

By Betty Luttrell and Laquata Potts
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About the Book

The phrase I Saw the Elephant came into use during the Civil War. It means to see life or to gain experience during devastating events. John Luttrell saw the elephant three times during his twenty-five-year military career that spanned three wars: World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. In I Saw the Elephant, Luttrell recounts his combat stories, near-death experiences, and suvival techniques, as well as the thirty-three months he spent as a prisoner of war. Betty Luttrell and Laquata Potts tell a story of perseverance and courage in the face of overwhelming odds, and this memoir of one mans harrowing experiences at war is one you will not soon forget.

About the Author

Betty Luttrell and Laquata Potts co-authored this book based on tape recordings of John Luttrell. Luttrell is responsible in part for the institution of the America Armed Forces Code of Conduct. (2003, paperback 58 pages)

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