I Never Knew I Belonged To God Because I Never Felt I Belonged To Anyone

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By Demetria M. Kelly

Demetria M. Kelly’s book, I Never Knew I Belonged to God Because I Never Felt I Belonged to Anyone, is about her struggles in life and how she applied God to her life but always felt alone until she realized God was with her and providing for her the whole time. Demetria may not have had the answers she always wanted, but she had everything she needed. Her aim is to get young mothers to understand how much they need God in their lives, especially when raising children as single parents. They are not alone because there are other single mothers going through the same thing, but God is with us. Demetria hopes that young mothers take away from this book to keep fighting, keep their heads up, and keep God in their lives.

About the Author

Demetria M. Kelly is a single mom who has lived her life to assure her four girls and one boy know who God is in their lives. She loves family and aims at going back to the days when family meant something, communities stood together, and people loved each other. She loves God, who is the head of her life, and she wants to live on teaching His gospel and learning about Him every day of her life.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 52