I Missed My Basque Mother's Love

By Jean Cornu
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Jean Cornu knows a thing or two about hard work and where it can get you. He worked the majority of his life, from catching eels and growing tobacco in his native Basque Country in the 1940s, to shepherding sheep through the mountains of Colorado, to selling real estate and landscape gardening in California. No matter what type of work he was doing, Jean saved money while living well. How does a man go from being abandoned by his Basque mother at three days old to retiring a millionaire in the United States? Journey along with the author as he takes you through the sweeping landscape of his fascinating life and travels while instilling in you the importance of a good days work.

About the Author

Jean Cornu is a native of France who immigrated to the United States at the age of seventeen to create a better life for himself. He has been married for forty-six years to his wife, Veronica, and together they have two children, Marie and David, of whom both parents are very proud. This is his second book, as he has also published The Innocent Ones with Dorrance.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 156