I Love You

By Bunny Russell
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“We were so sad when it was time for you to go. You made us so happy”

Follow the life of a family and their big fluffy dog. When it is time to say goodbye, the journey continues…

I Love You is a helpful tool for parents to address their children’s concerns about the loss of a pet and opens up space to feel that loss together as a family. As you read, let your child ask questions, encourage them to talk freely about the pet, give them lots of hugs and reassurance… and, of course, tell them “I love you!”

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5 Stars

"Pet owners know the great joys that are involved in sharing life with a beloved pet. Unfortunately, with all those joys comes the inevitable day when they will need to say goodbye. In Bunny Russell's book I Love You: A Tale of Comfort Now and After the Loss of a Pet, we meet a family that has reached this point. The star of the book is the big fluffy white dog, who arrived as a puppy full of energy. All the pleasures and challenges of dog raising are included. There are messes, but most of all, loads of fun. Frequently, the members of the family tell their big fluffy friend, "I love you." When the end comes, our four-legged friend goes where all good dogs go. The ending will make you smile through your tears."

"As a former children's librarian, one of the more challenging requests I would get is to find a book that dealt with losing a pet. I Love You by Bunny Russell would have been at the top of my list of recommendations. The illustrations by Evandro D'Hipolito are full of action and pure joy. How the diverse family interacts with their furry friend will resonate with any child who has a pet. Their big white dog has a lot of vitality but also is a quiet companion during sad times. I was moved to tears by the joyous surprise ending. It was simply perfect. This is an excellent choice to share with families that have or will soon be experiencing the loss of their cherished furry friend."

Published: 2022
Page Count: 30