I Just Want The World To Feel, One Word At A Time

By Ashley Sigmon
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This book contains content related to sexual assault, self harm, and religious trauma.

The mad rantings of a girl

who was born to feel way more

than one body ever should,

I Just Want the World to Feel, One Word at a Time

is a collection of poetry that, quite frankly,

forced its way out of the author’s head.

These are words one would never dare to say out loud. While more direct and short and less open to interpretation, these poems and their messages can easily be related to, as young adults grasp the concept of learning how to handle their emotions, their needs, and just figuring out how to be themselves.

The author states, “I hope people read this book

and realize there is an elegant honesty to letting yourself feel whatever you need to in certain moments.”

About the Author

Ashley Sigmon really values working with kids. She appreciates their curiosity and their disregard of social standards. Sigmon loves to read books where people discover their worth (and also fall madly in love), take baths, light candles, and forget to blow them out to her father’s dismay. Sigmon loves her family and the endless support they have provided to make sure her five-year-old dream of becoming an author came to fruition.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 220