I Got Upset When....

By Jim Geisheimer
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I Got Upset When…..

Why upsets?

The average person wakes daily expecting some surprises throughout his/her day. Some events bring sadness; others, some degree of happiness. Then there are those 15 seconds following an unexpected event that makes a person UPSET. Nothing cataclysmic like a nuclear plant explosion—no bells, no sirens, just upset-ness, the kind of emotion one would experience when witnessing a wingless bird with four legs trying to fly.

I Got Upset When….. captures those 15 seconds and builds on that emotion. A series of fun anecdotes based on everyday life and events, it challenges one’s expectations of normal and predictable scenarios with humorous and/or cynical twists. So, sit back—take off your socks (shoes first!). Relax and unwind. Don’t take things too seriously. Enjoy, and above all else: don’t get Upset!

About the Author

Jim Geisheimer has drawn upon his own dull life experiences in compiling this book. It is his sincere hope that in sharing his reactions to what most consider normal and predictable events that don’t go the way you plan, his fellow men and women will find solace knowing that they are not alone—and that sometimes, you just get Upset.

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