I Don’t Like…Because I Love

By Deborah Watford Rox
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So many people can see the beauty in others, while missing the beauty they possess. There are so many young children who have low self-esteem and are bullied because of their looks. They need to know they are beautiful. I Don’t Like… Because I Love allows young people—and people in general—to look at themselves and not only like how they look but also love themselves: to love and embrace who they are both inside and out.

A story about self-image and confidence, I Don’t Like…Because I Love is unique in its ability to speak to all races, ages, and ethnicities. It also covers children, health and beauty, religion, and educating people to feel good about themselves. We all want to feel self-value. This book will inspire you to love yourself for the beautiful person you are.

About the Author

Deborah Watford Rox is a mother of two young adult sons, Matthew and Melvin. She is an educator. Rox is currently an elementary school teacher, teaching Pre-K. She enjoys reading, writing, and creating songs and dance to help young children learn. Rox also enjoys Forex Trading, traveling, and meeting new people.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 42