I Dare To Love You

By Yasie
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I Dare To Love You”

The novel is about deep love and deep loss. About two people from completely different worlds coming together to help a young boy dying from leukemia and in doing so fall in love. A love so deep that it will take her breath away but a love that is forbidden in her world. For him, a love that is unexpected and captivating, raw and intense. An authentic story of love on so many levels. The book is interesting because it captures the true essence of the female character’s ancestors, and the life experience of her adopted residence, meshing and weaving both into an amazing smorgasbord of truth, desire and determination. A Jewish Man and a Muslim woman who will conquer all obstacles of discrimination - race, religion, financial stature, age, and many more. An intriguing novel set among three destinations, overflowing with intrigue, romance, despair, loss, and redemption. It’s unique because it combines the refined idyllic luxury of Naples, Florida, and the struggling migrant community of Immokalee, Florida with the spicy, soulfulness and history of the island of Trinidad.

About the Author

Writing a book has always been on her bucket list and eventually with “I Dare To Love You” it became a reality. Yasie writes very early in the morning and at times she enjoys her other passion, cooking her favorite island dishes. Originally from a tiny village in the south part of Trinidad, she now lives in Naples, Florida with her husband Keith.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 252