I Could Have Been One

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I Could Have Been One provides a look into the world Donald Wm. Jeffries was born into, raised, and grew up in through historical and political events of his life. We examine the world starting in the 1940s through our modern day and see how life was and what has changed. The history in which Jeffries has lived through has had a remarkable impact on his life and worldview, and we see this develop and change throughout the course of his journey. As the future comes speeding into view, with his lessons from the past we can start asking ourselves how we got here, what will become of our children’s generation and their children’s, and where are we headed? By beginning this discussion, we can have a better understanding of our current situation and face our realities, hopefully making better, brighter decisions for the future.

About the Author

Donald Wm. Jeffries has had an interest in history beginning as early as high school and now has his own library dedicated to historical subject matter. He was the president of a historical society and is a member of the American Legion and Lions Club, as well as being involved in many activities in his community through organizations such as the Retired Seniors Volunteer Program. He enjoys woodworking, reading, learning, socializing, and pondering a myriad of questions.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 440

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BookViral Review:
I Could Have Been One

A powerful and illuminating look at the historical and political events of Jeffries’ life “I Could
Have Been One” should be considered required reading for anyone in search of a thoughtful,
thorough, and approachable survey of history and the events that have shaped our lives.
Extensively researched by Jeffries all the facts stated are yet accurate and up to date as he
genuinely peers through the looking glass with his work to give us a read brimming with
arresting facts. And in illuminating the actual course of events he reminds us that historical
forces are more often than not chaotic in nature.
As Jeffries states, “History is a lot more than dates, places and events recorded in a book. It is
people’s lives; their environment and lifestyle and hardships and enjoyments” and he asks us to
reflect on the path not taken. The choices we have made and what our lives may have been like
had we done something else instead of what we did.
From the Twentieth Century to the Twenty-First Century Jeffries’ subjects are historically and
emotionally wide-ranging as he looks at the Communist Manifesto, America and Israel,
Christianity and Socialism Today as he puts pieces of a historical puzzle together. And whilst
many historians are criticized for their uncritical reliance on biased sources and a failure to
examine opposing views Jeffries certainly isn’t amongst them.
He’s clearly demonstrated his commitment to understanding history but he’s not afraid to ask
intellectual questions that are becoming painfully urgent if future generations are to thrive in the
face of relentless social change.
A five-star read I Could Have Been One is unreservedly recommended.