I Am A Superhero: My Super Power Is Love

By Shanna Star
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I Am a Superhero My Super Power is Love is a story that most children- and adults- can relate to. A story of not fitting in, knowing you weren’t meant to fit in, but not knowing what to do about it. Author Shanna Star experienced this as a child, this feeling of knowing much more than most children are expected to know, but instead of choosing to embrace it, choosing to conform to ‘normal’ because it was easier. Conformity led to a life of unhappiness and to asking, “why was I born?” The answer: “You are different for a very big reason!”

This unique book addresses things people are afraid to speak out on like problems in religion and school, doing so in an energy of love for all. From this, a space is created where children and adults can learn that they’re not alone in their thoughts and that they have a very big purpose here.

About the Author

After chasing a life of success, Shanna Star, found herself at a place of unhappiness. Giving up the constant chase for accomplishments the world has taught us all are necessary, she finally decided to search for the reason of her existence. Mother to a 14-year-old son, she started this journey for humanity in hopes to create a future he could be proud to be a part of.

Star worked in the medical field since she was 17 years old and has enjoyed helping many people. Currently, she is the author to 10 published books, with 3 more in the works. The goal to each: to be an example of what we are here for. That is to be an individual and live everyday as if you were the only person on this earth. She travels the world and helps people come to love themselves, as well as help Mother Earth. Aside from writing, she has a clothing line that is meant to plant seeds of change in perception. She creates everything with the intention to awaken humanity to the purpose of our existence: to be exactly who we are and love ourselves for it.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 142