"I Am A Part Of All That I Have Met": A Story Of Greed, Love, And Inspiration

By Bill Bivins
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Life is good for highly acclaimed Justice Oliver Browning, well… life is tolerable… until it’s horrible. He’s invited by a colleague to make some “easy” money. However, it’s more illegal than easy, and after being rebuffed when Browning tries to convince his buddy to turn himself in to the authorities, the justice knocks on the FBI’s door.

Thus, begins a new life of sorts as he enters the Witness Protection Program and is moved to a small mining town in Colorado. Surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the area, Browning settles in as “Larry Fields” and faces a long list of WITSEC rules designed to keep him safe from the drug cartel he’s angered by exposing their money-laundering scheme.

Since his disinterested and distant wife refuses to join him in this “embarrassing” situation, he’s on his own and soon meets the lovely owner of the local bookstore. But being unable to share his true identity and marital status, their gentle romance begins on very shaky ground. Even so, “Larry” gets a glimpse of how spectacular his life could be when and if his current troubles are resolved.

“I Am a Part of All that I Have Met”: A Story of Greed, Love, and Inspiration shows that when love is strong, it can grow, in spite of adversity.

About the Author

Following retirement, Bill Bivins joined organizations involved in: teaching adults how to read; remedial reading for elementary school students; teaching English as a second language; and helping inner-city high school students and their parents with securing the finances and know-how so those students can attend college. His hobbies include writing and tennis. His special interests include reading generally, and especially the Bible and related resource material to a fifty-six-year-old disabled lady. Bivins’s family consists of four children and five grandchildren. Born in Nashville, Tennessee, he graduated from Davidson College, Vanderbilt University Law School, practiced law for twenty-five years, and served on the New Mexico Court of Appeals for the remainder of his career. He now makes his home in Gilbert, Arizona.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 126