Hurricane Confessions

By D. Richard
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Delaney is not looking for love, despite the fact that everyone she knows is trying to set her up. She is far too busy dealing with her own life to take on someone else’s; she has her son to raise, and besides, she knows she is not an easy one to love. Ari, still grieving from his own personal loss, has just moved into town, and happens to be a stop on Delaney’s delivery route. When they meet, there is an instant spark that neither can deny. Ari becomes entranced by the way Delaney is like a hurricane, constantly leaving him in a whirlwind. Delaney senses Ari’s sincerity and refreshing honesty, and she wonders if he might just be the man to bring love back into her life. 

Hurricane Confessions reveals how love can burn like a fire; it can be beautiful, intoxicating, all-consuming, and dangerous, or it can just fizzle out. When the universe serves a less than desirable twist of fate, hope is all that binds.

About the Author

D. Richard is from a small town in Michigan but has enjoyed the opportunity to travel around the world. She has a vivid imagination and gains inspiration for her writing from anything and everything. When not writing, she can be found outdoors and exploring the world around her.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 144